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“Meet two remarkable people living with Multiple Sclerosis. Larissa Nusser-Meany and Michael Weiss have taken their MS diagnoses and found a way to help the rest of us cope with our lot.”

-Host Amy Gurowitz



Larissa Nusser

Larissa Nusser is a Certified Yoga Instructor with Integral Yoga and Yoga Alliance, and a Certified Life Coach with Coach Training Alliance. She is also an MS Advocate with Shared Solutions. She works with people with MS on creating balance in their lives by incorporating yoga and coaching.

After being diagnosed with MS in 2000, Larissa attended Integral Yoga of Princeton and earned her 200-hour certification to teach yoga. She is qualified to teach all levels ranging from Chair Yoga to Advanced Yoga, as well as Prenatal Yoga. Larissa was recently the MS Advocate on the Shared Solutions’ Teleconference on Exercise and MS and discussed the benefits of yoga for people with MS. Larissa is the co-creator of You Can Do It Yoga for MS™ a yoga training class for people with MS. She has also just finished filming two You Can Do It Yoga For MS™ videos which are at home instructional videos. Larissa and her co-creator Denise Nizzare have also designed an associated yoga teacher training to go along with the You Can Do It Yoga For MS™ Class so that other teachers may be able to teach patients with MS.

In addition, Larissa attended Coach Training Alliance and uses her life coaching certification to work with clients on managing their MS/life balance.

Currently, Larissa is busy traveling and conducting lectures on Yoga and MS. She is currently recruiting MS’ers for the next group coaching session, where she will be coaching clients on finding balance in their lives with MS. Additionally, Larissa is currently working on a book designed to be read along with the video to describe specific benefits of yoga for MS.

Larissa is a former “foodie” who owned Today’s Gourmet, a specialty food business that was featured on Food TV’s Food Finds. She still enjoys “scaled down” cooking for her family.

What is You Can Do It Yoga for MS™?

Let’s start with what is yoga. Yoga is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years. It is a practice of purifying the body and the mind so that we may function to our highest level of abilities in perfect harmony. The practice of the postures combined with breathing and mediation leaves the practitioner feeling rejuvenated and relaxed and with a sense of overall wellbeing. It has been proven to reduce stress and improve mental outlook.
You Can Do It Yoga for MS™ is a specially designed yoga class by an instructor who has MS, for MS patients. All the benefits of yoga coincide with exactly what a person with MS needs; good mental outlook, a sense of wellbeing, getting in touch with your body, and helping to reduce stress.
You Can Do It Yoga for MS™ is designed to address each persons symptoms and incorporate different postures and breathing for possible symptom relief.


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