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Wellness Coach Edie Edie Summers

…is a wellness professional.  She is a writer, wellness coach & counselor, and mind-body fitness instructor.   She has over 18 years experience in the field of alternative  health, and was a wellness consultant and broker in the natural foods industry for 7 years.  She is currently finishing her third book on her experience with chronic fatigue syndrome: The Memory of Health.   As a wellness coach, she coaches people on how to change their health habits for good and achieve lasting results such as losing weight, eating better, or quitting smoking.  She also offers wellness counseling to people facing a chronic condition such as MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, or fibromyalgia.   She offers group wellness coaching telecalls and self-coaching courses on her online wellness community:

You can check out her coaching and counseling websites here:


Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Host Edie Summers Interviews Life Coach Carolina Caro

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Carolina is a life coach and a spiritual writer who continues to maintain active ties in the corporate world. Having explored many career paths herself, she fully understands the dilemmas facing corporate women trying to do it all yet still feeling that something is missing in their lives. Carolina focuses on helping career women on their journey of self-discovery to find their true calling and to live a life with deeper meaning and purpose.

Carolina’s journey started as a scientist, first training as a molecular biologist and later pursuing her graduate degree, which led her to do research in the area of HIV/AIDS. Adding an MBA to her credentials, she joined the corporate world in sales and brand management where she climbed the corporate ladder. But the higher she climbed, the more she wanted off the ladder – surprising everyone, including herself, Carolina made the leap to New York city to pursue her love of acting. Through her own process of self-exploration in science, business and acting, she discovered her authentic self, which led her to pursue coach training with iPEC.  Her true passion is helping others uncover their own.


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