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I am Karen Shiffert; the man in the wheelchair is my husband Don. Don is 86 years old and has Parkinson’s disease since 1998. We are married 36 years. I have been his primary care giver since he was diagnosed 15 years ago. My talent for solving problems has led me to create items to help me to care for him, both to ease his discomfort and to make the job of giving care a little easier.

Caregivers Aide, LLC was created in 2008 to offer devices to make the job of care giving a little easier. My first business, Remember When, is a clothing and leather repair and alteration business which I tend to when time permits while still caring for my husband.

Having the necessary machinery and sewing skills allows me to design and manufacture my own Care-Giver-R-Lift® product line of repositioning devices. The Skid Seat® and the Bed Sled® are used to move a patient or roll a patient while in their bed or wheelchair, with less chance of injury to the patient or caregiver. These products are now in nursing homes and private homes across the US and Canada.

When I get the chance to connect with a customer by phone or email I receive immense satisfaction knowing I am able to help those caring for disabled loved one. 

About Caregivers Aide, LLC

At Caregivers Aide, LLC, we understand how difficult it is to care for your loved one.  You want the best for them but you also have to be careful and mindful of your own physical limitations.

If caring for them today means you won’t be able to

 move your own body tomorrow its’ time to get help.


Caregivers Aide was created to share items I have made and found useful in caring for my husband who has Parkinson’s disease for 15 years.  He is 86 years old and in stage 4 of the disease.  My products were created out of need and they work.  If I had not created these items I do not know how I would have cared for him this long.  As long as I am able to provide his care he will never go into a nursing home.


Caregivers Aide provides unmatched quality and value along with professional and caring customer service. We are committed to helping you give the best patient care possible. Our products and services are inspired by our needs (yours and mine) as caregivers, and our patient’s needs.  Care-Give-R-Lift® products are priced affordably, are simple to use and effective.  Instructional Videos on website.

Thank you for considering Care-Give-R-Lift products.

Karen Shiffert

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