I am proud to be working for MSstation! I have felt a part of myself I have meant since I have been at home on disability: productive!! I also think what we are doing is very important . Spreading the latest information of the progress of a cure, the latest medicines, or just being a community, so people know they aren’t alone , is so important in fighting Multiple Sclerosis.

It feels like a family because we can all relate to what we go through.I am so excited to see what we can accomplish, and what is going to happen next!

Courtney Davison

Because of MS, I am a stay at home “disabled” Jersey housewife. It has impacted my life by allowing me to appreciate the small stuff and cherish life more than ever. I try my very best to do what I can with several naps. I have great support with family and friends I never knew cared about me a lot. It’s nice to feel love from people I hardly know. I wanted to add … Rae Markable Edwards and the MS station is what helps others deal with this monster of MS. She provides hope and so much more. I am glad I connected with her and this amazing company. 

Jessica Graham-Serna

I’m a stay-at-home mom that was officially diagnosed in 2006 and that has since felt like I haven’t been contributed to anything. Until I was introduced to MS Station and the opertunity it has given me along with all of the wonderful people I have met here in the short time I’ve known MS Station. So thank you Rae Markable Edwards and every one else that is connected to this amazing company/family for everything you’ve done, are doing, and will do!!!  

Christine ‘Yount’ Osborn

THANK YOU SEEMS INSUFFICIENT,YET IT IS WHAT I OFFER IN EXCHANGE FOR THE BLESSINGS YOU GAVE ME BY OPENING UP MY WORLD AGAIN,Rae Markable Edwards! Yes,you are amazing,and remarkable too.I shall never forget the support you gave me by encouraging me to participate in a speaking role not long after you began the Book Club featuring guest authors.I had been struggling with my ability to speak from the PPMS progression,and had Neurogenic 

Stuttering/Dysfluency. You never wavered in your encouragement to let me know I was welcome and that I was most welcome as one of the members of the MS Community.You were a Godsend! You set the tone of inclusion,and it lifted my soul,gave me hope,and I knew my isolation was a thing of the past.Words cannot convey the degree to which my life was turned around by that act of inclusion and purpose,and kindness.You were patient,did not rush me when we spoke with other Book Club members in online meetings.Your vision and generosity has meant the world to me,and I shall treasure your outreach,inclusion,and kindness for life. It was devastating to lose my voice,then struggle through dysfluency along with its inherent challenges.I was welcomed and encouraged by you,a gift that I value and hold dear.Your vision has reached far,beyond me to open doors to so many. Yes,it continues to help so many of us find a soft place to land,a place to feel welcomed.Thank You! I wish only every good blessing and continued growth as you continue to shape and expand your profound network.Glad to see the others who have joined to work in concert to lift us all up and support us all in this quest to be our best selves.

Yolanda L C MacKenzie