Reality of M.S.

Reality of M.S.

By Brenda M Bodanza

Having M.S is a trial within itself

It’s a disease that robs you of yourself.

It starts out slowly, showing very little signs,

But before you know it, you’re losing your body functions, with no reason to define.

Seems strange things are happening, for no one can explain,

Some think you are crazy and others laugh your insane.

You run to different doctors, trying to explain, but no one’s listening because MS is hard to tame.

So years go by, while you continue to show, that something’s taking over you ever so slow.

You may go through this game, of what you’ll lose today, as MS is the lead player that decides what is to stay.

Those of us that have been played by this monster for years,

Got the prize of getting no help or support till we were so beyond the stage of no return.

By the time we convinced our Doctors that we weren’t faking or it wasn’t all in our heads,

We had lost so much of our nerve functions because labels were put on us instead.

Finally the glory, is when we finally were told, your right my friend, the verdict came in, the monster within is Multiple Sclerosis.

Now, here we stand, with much help as we can, grabbing our canes, crutches and chairs to give us a hand.

We pray for the “new breed” that will follow our steps,

We pray that the treatments will help them instead.

So all of “us” progressive MS’ers, take heart, for our job is to give comforts to those we shall cross paths.

For remember how scared we were when we first began.

We learned to fight, in order to stand

It is what it is, there’s no denial for us, for we learned to continue, to re-adjust.

Everyone has something, we stand not alone, the only thing about MS, is it NEVER leaves us alone!

It takes a piece of us every single day, the surprise is, we’ll never know what it will want “today”!!!




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