Rae Edwards

Rae Edwards is the Founder, CEO and Executive Producer of MSstation™ Inc. This may be a long title, but the list of life changing products, services, and resources that she brings to the Multiple Sclerosis community is immeasurable.

Her brainchild began with MultipleSclerosisRadio, an internet radio show designed for people affected by MS. This MS advocate and pioneer quickly recognized that the diversity of the MS population required access and information via various methods and outlets.

Just as MS is different for each person, so are the preferred forums, devices and mediums of all who want, moreover need, to increase their exposure to and participation in the international MS community. With this newfound vision, Rae set out to broaden her message of empowerment and expand her accessible forums. MSstation™ Inc., a not-for-profit entity, was born.

Today this selfless woman delivers her message of awareness, encouragement and support, to an international MS population, via a myriad of tools and methods.

If a person with MS wants to shop for products that my help them with an ms symptom, such as a brace for drop foot or if a doctor wants to support the MS artists who continue to create in spite of MS, they could visit MSstationStore.com (Relaunch 2014) However, if your pocket books and wallets can't afford a shopping spree, you can still benefit from a wealth of information presented on MSstation.com. For those who prefer to view educational material Ms. Edwards created MSstationTV.com and bloggers benefit from the online MSstationBlog.com blogging forum. Book lovers have a home at MSstationBookClub.com and of course, the original ideas behind it all, MultipleSclerosisRadio.com/MSstation.org continues to broadcast informative programming for all to hear.

*New MSstation Wellness MSstationWellness.com and MSstation Spiritual MSstationSpiritual.com

¨When asked what motivates her to create this robust resource for the MS population, Rae returns to her unwavering mission which is to provide - Interactive Sites that include Radio, Videos, Blogs, Book Clubs, Poetry Groups, and Internet Shopping, while remaining sensitive to the challenges people affected directly and indirectly by life with Multiple Sclerosis.

Whether a person experiences visual/speech impairments, limited attention spans, impaired cognition, dexterity issues, or are homebound, MSstation™, Inc. has a product or service that will suit their needs. It's a valuable resource for caregivers, friends, family and employers as well.

As Rae collaborates with the greater MS community for regional and local events, she recognizes the large audience that her organization reaches, and therefore the vast fundraising and community outreach potential that exists.

In her goal to reach, teach and spread the word about MS, she in turn can and will undoubtedly benefit from the benevolence of others and increase philanthropy for the MS community, for no matter how great the resources she's developed, she shares the goal and will continue to work diligently, until WE find a cure!

~Author Tracy A. Todd