Multiple Sclerosis is Such a Hideous Disease



           By: Brenda M Bodanza


My eyes watch, everyday, what you do to me, never knowing what you will choose to take from me!

I feel like I am sitting, watching a movie, because it is exactly how it is for me, watching, helplessly the script that is before me!

My eyes are aware as you play within me, knowing nothing can stop you.

Today its my legs that seem separate from me, carrying spasms, stiffness, as pain engulfs me

Sometimes you decide to make my eyes struggle to see, the light that is before me

Many times you give me a fright, when you decide that I may not swallow tonight

Some may think this is crazy, for how can it be, for outside we hold ourselves so perfectly.

No one wants to hear the reality of what is, for perhaps it is too much to face.

It’s not about pity, shame or guilt, it’s about educating what is.

We struggle so hard to carry on, for now judgment is all around us, positive or negative, it is what it is,

As we scream that we still are the person we have always been, as this creature continues to play with me.

The future is impossible to see but we believe “today” is the most important day to me.

Pity is not our message to you, just a chance to continue to live like the rest of you

Compassion is a word, till it’s put to the test; many times we watch that door close, because we are not like the rest






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