MS Awareness – What NOT to Say



Many people put their foot in their mouth or say things to hurt, unintentionally, because they may not realize what’s inappropriate to say to someone living with Multiple Sclerosis. 

What have you heard or would like to tell people to avoid saying to individuals with Multiple Sclerosis?


Juliann Goodwin Sharp You look fine, I can’t even tell you have ms..
Eddie Dierker U don’t want to know mate
Joy Spurgeon Knight You’re sick?
Kim Fyffe ” you look so normal ” ” you don’t look sick”. ” you just need to get up & exercise more”. ” I know so and so with that, they do a whole lot more than you” ” you don’t deserve disability, you are faking”
Kevin Pratt You said it Juliann, that’s the one I get all the time. Guess they expect to see MS patients in wheelchairs,walkers,drooling, etc…Even had a nurse say that to me before.People need to be educated before they speak.
Annemarie Harrison I hate when ppl stare at me, or tell me to walk it off
Ona Ellison I think that even when they know you’re sick and they act indifferent. Ignore you and act like they don’t care hurts a lot worse than any words they could ever say! My brother has MS and I have seen friends and family members treat him this way. Its really sad! Always praying for a cure!
Megan Nichole Flores Jillian and Annemarie pretty much summed it up. Or the ever so popular, “alot of people have it and are just fine” comment.
Kerrie Jamieson How are u feeling …. Eh duh how do u think I feel !!!
Netta Joy Kell “Everybody has bad days but they still make it work”
SuAnne Patrick “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” There are more than one reason why some with MS don’t want to walk long distances.
Rae Edwards “I knew someone that died because they had MS…” or Don’t worry, Montel is OK…
Megan Nowinski I recently got a tattoo for MS awareness, the orange ribbons with the serenity prayer, my mom had MS, and now people who see my tattoo ask “do/did u know someone with cancer?” At first I didn’t understand why anyone would assume cancer, but then I was asked “isn’t MS what Montel has, he seems fine, so how did your mom get so sick and die?” And I hate having to explain how MS is different for everyone… I hate that ppl assume I knew/know someone with cancer and that my awareness ribbons are for cancer….


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