MS Awareness – Flare Ups



Memories of our Worst Multiple Sclerosis Exacerbation/Flare Ups… 


Eddie Dierker Lose my right eye site

Annette Kennedy Loss the ability to walk. In a wheelchair with extreme leg weakness. Four months later through PT was able to go to cane to unassisted. I now work out at the gym to maintain my strength


Shawnna Oakes April 12, 2012, woke up completely paralyzed, spent 3 months confined to bed in hospital. Spent the next 6 months in-patient rehab. Total of 9 months of hell, and the left side is still gone.


Dawn K Heffernan Ferring Ya when I fell off my bike because my legs went gave way, but I rest for a few days and I have had a few in the last 15 years or so, but I still live life like I always have .
One time I ended up in a wheel chair, it took me three years to get out of it, and have not been in one sense! 
I work out two hours five days a week and baby sit my grandson till he starts school next year. Then after six weeks I will be baby sitting my sixth grandchild, I love being busy, when I am alone and my house work is done, I will read, or cross stitch or sew something,I can’t stand sitting and do nothing!
I am not going to let MS stop me from living!!!!


Tonisha Busbee-Sloan September 2012 was unable to lift my left leg on my own! I went to the hospital for a relapse for two weeks developed pneumonia and had to go to a rehab for four more weeks a total of six weeks away from children:-(


Esther Vasa April to June 2011 was my worst relapse affecting most functions as the attack was on brainstem… Wasn’t able to think, got easily confused, talked with great difficulty, couldn’t walk, was terribly inflamed, paralyzed for the most part, sense of touch, smell, taste, hearing was affected, severe digestive difficulty, dysphagia, bladder issues, temperature sense was bizarre, neuropathic pain in the eye, migraines and I was a big mess. God brought me out of that through medical intervention and support from family & friends.




Catherine Abida I’ve had 2 that were really bad. When I got diagnosed 9/2004 I initially went blind in my left eye, then within 2 weeks went completely numb in my lower legs and was unable to walk as a result. It was a race to diagnosis since it all happened as soon as I returned from a trip to Northern Africa. It was VERY hot there, and had I known about my MS, I never would have gone then.

The other one was in 9/2008 (I have a pattern of September flares) and it significantly affected me cognitively. But the vertigo was the worst part! It didn’t matter if I sat, stood, laid down, the room was spinning ALL THE TIME. In addition to that, there was a constant feeling of bugs crawling on my skin.


Larufus Burrow Could not write my name n had trouble talking


Alan Casey I lost my vision


Diana Lea Maisonneuve I was paralyzed on my left side excessive facial muscles spasms and numbness and facial stroke like look where my eye n face were looking like I was melting




Diana Lea Maisonneuve Speech diluting double vision


Diana Lea Maisonneuve The list goes on


Tonisha Busbee-Sloan Diana did they say you had bells palsey


Corie Myslick A few months ago my right leg just wouldn’t move it was stiff as a board. I had an appointment with a new neuro the next day and she put me on prednisone. 25 pills at 50mlg a pill for 5 days and I wished to god that I never would have taken those pills. For 2 weeks I was in pure hell. I just wanted to die, I begged to die. I had gastric bypass 2 years ago so my stomach is the size of a golf ball and those pills made me look 24 months pregnant, I didn’t sleep for days, in between crying and lashing out at everyone, throwing up, shaking. I vow never to go through that again.


Lynn Story Almsted mine was my face went numb and I had a hard time getting up to stand




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