“Lookin’ Good”

A Poem to Share, written a few years ago, before I found my way to beat the MonSter …

 “Lookin’ Good” ♥

It’s true to say that every day

people tell me

Just what they see:

I’m looking good.


I’m such a mess: I have MS,

it doesn’t show.

But they don’t know

I’m not so good.


I have to be who I am: me…

Wish I could do

What it takes to

be feeling good.




Fatigue unseen

The pain so mean

But I look good.


And if I sigh and gently try

to let them know

I’m feeling low …

though looking good


They smile and say

that it’s okay, no one can see

The inner me …

I’m looking good!


If truth were told this story’s old;

they do mean well

I long to tell …

I don’t feel good


Why wreck their day

Why make them say

Oh, that’s too bad

Why make them sad?

They look so good.


~Terry Crawford Palardy




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