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The complexity of MS necessitates a holistic approach when it comes to research – a comprehensive strategy that can propel knowledge, better treatments, health care policies, and new disease management therapies forward, faster.

We are a driving force of MS research and treatment to stop disease progression, restore function, and end MS forever.

The National MS Society supports and funds research activities spanning ALL research stages, including early discovery research, translational research that brings promising ideas forward into actual therapeutic solutions for testing, and clinical trials. Our unique approach drives the pursuit of all promising avenues that can impact those living with multiple sclerosis.


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National MS Society Commits $2.5M for Research by Pediatric MS Network — 9 pediatric MS centers across the country will benefit

 Jul 01, 2013
The National MS Society has just committed $2.5 million to support research by the Network of Pediatric MS Centers (NPMSC) beginning July 1, 2013. Funding for the nine-center network provides essential infrastructure to facilitate research, including searching for the cause of MS by studying risk factors for the disease in children, close to the time of exposure.

Researchers Co-Funded by the Society Pinpoint Genetic Differences Between African-Americans and Northern Europeans with MS

 Jun 28, 2013
A nationwide team of researchers has conducted the largest genetic study of people with MS of non-European ancestry, screening for known gene variants in more than 1,000 African Americans with MS, and showing significant differences from white Americans. These differences may help explain differences in disease incidence and activity that are observed between African-Americans and white Americans. Noriko Isobe, MD, PhD, Jorge R. Oksenberg, PhD (University of California, San Francisco) and colleagues from neurology and genetics departments nationwide report their findings in Neurology (Published online before print June 14, 2013). The authors were funded by the National MS Society and the National Institutes of Health.

Looking at MS and balance in a new way: An interview with National MS Society Research Trainee Brett Fling, PhD


Jun 27, 2013
On July 1, 25 fellows begin research or clinical training fellowships with funding from the National MS Society. The Society funds a spectrum of fellowship programs that allow promising young researchers and clinicians to train with seasoned MS scientists and physicians, facilitating their transitions into independent careers.







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