Songs Dedicated to MS











What songs would you dedicate to

Multiple Sclerosis, DiffAbilities & Other Chronic Illnesses?


Cheryl Skinner Journey …. Don’t Stop Believin’
Karri Bauman look away baby look away…don’t look at me I don’t want you to see me this way
Jen Carrino Try…by pink
Marie Meyer I will survive
Rahat Mahmood Alicia Keys ‘No one’
Jason Wimpenny Shout at the devil lol

Rahat Mahmood I have done a few videos which are on you tube … With Alicia keys songs! Xxxxx love to all xxx
Kelli Fitzhugh “Frustrated incorporated” Soul Asylum.
Darlene Borland “I can only imagine”
Matt Robinson I stand alone by godsmak
Judy Wittibslager Reibs “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne.
Anita Stogniew-Stock Eminem. I’m not afraid
Darlene Borland Mercy Me. “I can only image” It was my favorite song when I was in a wheelchair. Still is.
Tamara Viana eamon fuck it dont want u back lol
Cheryl Skinner Michael Jackson ….. Smile
Janine Bunworth the Wheels on the ( chair ) Bus go round and round
Cathie Helgens Everybody hurts…REM
Lisa Carver Williamson The Climb
Janice Ward Here we go again
Sherry Klinger Grove Stronger by Kelli Clarkson
Hope Nettie Richardson AEROSMITH – WALK THIS WAY!!!
Janice Ward Here I go again Minne Ripperton. Especially that part where she sings I don’t want to go back. “RRMS”
Michelle Baldwin I think the song Im not afraid by Eminem is THE best fit!!
Janice Ward Pain! Do know the artist but definitely from the 70’s
Jill Jim Geronime Christina li disappear
Jill Jim Geronime I’m Alive Kenny Chesney also
Danielle Feaker We’re not gonna take it.
Annemarie Harrison Don’ t stop believing, journey
Michael Thomas Texas Hippie Coalition — pissed off and mad about it
Karri Bauman Chicago….look away

Randy White “She f**king hates me”
Jarod Jacobs I Get Knocked Down But I Get Up Again! Chubawamba! Tubtinking
Still Sexy After MS It’s the Climb – Mylie Cyrus
Mrsweberworks Weber I love you just the way you are~BillyJoel
Cheryl Morris Braley “One night in Bangkok and
The tough guys tumble,
can’t be too careful
With your company”
Mark Edward Wallace Don’t stop believing !!!
Scott L Smith Phish. Down with disease
Anita Pheasant Fall by the country singer who has MS I just forgot his name ,,,,clay walker. Beautiful song
Kevin Williams Pantera fu@#ing hostile!
Jason Wimpenny Motley cru sang shout at the devil if memory is correct
Robin Montesano This is interesting, I met a song writer last night and I thought, I should get back to him and see if he will write one for me, for real!
Elizabeth Trott Great to see all these. Suggest “I Am Chosen I am Free, I am living for Eternity, Free Now Forever.”








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