Irish Green




sailing away from their beautiful isle of Irish green,
so many irish to a new country never before seen.
how does one sail away from country and home,
to an unfamilar country, some barely free to roam.
no need to apply Irish not welcomed here,
they left unjsut persecution, to find it everywhere.
first it was the great famine of 1848,
the british stripping the land naught to be ate.
with hopes and dreams they set out to start a new,
to have those hopes crushed and feeling blue.
opening the country setting tracks across the land,
across the plains to the california sand.
many set themselves up as seem-tress and some as cooks,
many took it upon themselves to learn from many books.
keep striving no matter what is set before,
to never lose memories of the ancient Irish lore.
passing stories to their young ones so its not forgot,
thus the memory does not count for naught.
passing on names such as sean erin and colleen,
upon a new vastness never before imagined or seen.
so they strived to prove to a world so set against the Irish masses,
proving to others they are human and can also move up through the classes.
we now have presidents, teachers , lawyers and doctors too,
so many to help build this country, this country so new.
always willing to do what it took to keep the family whole,
so many horrors were suffered, so many untold.
now we see on St patricks day, so many wearing the green,
a gesture against the empire when they said it could not be seen.
many Irish have sacrificed their love and lives,
many were fortunate to find family and wives.
working as a family to show the new world,
they were no different then any other boy or girl.
so why did this country try to push them back across the sea,
when in numbers the irish paid one of the heaviest fee.
so as the days pass and many of us would love to return,
those wishes in many of us Irish shall always yearn.
so many irish, so many most wishing they were not seen,
to return home, to that beautiful isle of Irish green.

~Frank Williams




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