I Sit Here Wondering…

I sit here wondering why I’m sad

While others sit and just feel mad


MS is eating my dreams, you see

And all my plans I thought would be

My kids have lives they need to live

… My friends don’t know what else to give


It’s hard to plan when nothing is clear

Sometimes I crave for a loving ear


My spouse is my life, but I ache for him

How long till he’ll need to throw the towel in


Shape up, think right, stop complaining you fool

Enjoy this day , I can if it’s cool


The heat it hurts and my limbs go numb

I’ll take my chances and the day will be done


I look in the mirror and what do I see

A reflection of someone that looks just like me


But where is the runner, the dancer that twirls

Where is the long hair that flowed full of curls


The person I see looks so worn and so tired

I wonder what happened to the one who was wired


I’m trying to solve this puzzle I see

Or maybe just face it; that reflection’s the new me.


My Life has changed

As all can see

Sometimes I wonder, what happened to me

I can hardly remember what I used to do

Only in dreams, can I now follow through


Isolation and loneliness is hard to avoid

Since the day I stopped moving, so I’m slightly annoyed


But we have to accept this new life we live

As we try to forget by learning to give


New friends we now make on these little machines

That allow us to share all our fears and our dreams


We laugh and we cry with people like us

The only place left that allows us to fuss


I am grateful to all that are willing to share

Because it helps make my symptoms easier to bear


My name is Eileen and I have MS

No thank you, I can do it, I keep having to stress.


Thank you to all who are just like me

For making life easier with answers that free


-Eileen Pugh




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