Guiding Paws – A Special Service Dog Production




GUIDING PAWS – A Special Service Dog Production

Brenda BodanzaWe will meet some peeps who are living & loving & thriving with their guide dogs as well as the peeps whose life mission is to make the smart canines available to the many who can benefit from the. You’ll hear how lives improve starting with that first scratch behind the ears.

Learn what these pups can do to help with the many challenges PWMS deal with every day and prepare to have those heart-strings pulled, when they tell us about the unconditional love they share with them. How cool is that? A pupper that can help you with your daily tasks and soothe your emotional needs… And they don’t even hog the remote!  -Host Amy Gurowitz
















When You Came to Claim Me!  by Brenda Bodanza

I remember the day, like it was yesterday, when I stumbled and thought how funny

For now out of nowhere, I seemed to be ever so clumsy.

I didn’t pay it a lot of attention

Just continued to carry on without much anticipation.

You came to visit, every now and then, leaving little reminders, which would spark my imagination.

You became such a part of me, that your appearance made it hard to ignore you,

It became my desire to investigate your claim

Running from doctor to doctor seeking a name

With much persistence, explaining your game.

Seemed so many imposters act similar to you, though your traits eventually came shining through.

So many years of thinking, I could be crazy, for you hid yourself so well.

But your desire to steadily progress, gave me the drive to expose your presence.

I have to really “thank you”, for you helped me to build my skills of life.

I learned to fight for myself, to trust in myself, knowing that what many claimed was “only in my head”, was partially true……

For those 27 lesions that covered my brain, showed a bit too late….that MULIPLE SCLEROSIS…It really was YOU!!!!

 Brenda Bodanza & Liberty 'LIBBY'









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