For Granted



(Dedicated to all who suffer from chronic pains)

a fresh cup of coffee early morning good for the soul

grabbing my boots cell and Im almost ready to go

a few more things to check before i am out the door

dang kids another toy i trip over on the floor

moving it aside i continue on my way

the wife wakes and before i go she wants to say

be careful today and come home safe

my heart stirs and then my legs quake

wanting to stay holding her in my arms, alas to work I must be off

wonder if others realize a simple life by many is all that is sought

sought by so many who can not enjoy these simple common things

walking running working every day to speak and even sing

things we do each day without thought that are taken for granted

now my world has changed and at times i do feel slanted

so cheated, yet I did have a lot of fun when I was young

never knowing it would end this way at first i was so bummed

lately Im seeing things in a new way like the friends I now have

without my illness, i would of never know so many, makes me glad

so as you stumble and curse your job or hectic day

know what so many of us with MS would gladly say

walk in my shoes for a moment and see what you shall miss

simple things easy things gone like a fading kiss

this illness and like so many others are never easy to grip

you brush off comments by others as you try to walk but slip

holding a pencil how hard can it be

wait a moment Ill show you do you see

pressing the keys on a cell or pc isn’t that hard

good god do you know how much i miss cutting my yard

walking around the block or through my sacred woods

simple pleasures that all never realize like they should

I sit here trying to sleep but the pains will not subside

so i divert my attention hoping the anger will abide

allowing me to live as I can each day the best i know how

to sit through a whole ball game and hear someone say holy cow

these days are gone for me in regards to being able to do all

I am glad I enjoy my youth and for fun I didn’t miss the call

but now to those of you who do not know what we all wish for

be careful and enjoy each day for one never knows whats in store

enjoy these simple things that so many of us miss with all our hearts

for now i know what life has given me and with MS I shall make a new start


~Frank Williams




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