Do I Want Too Much?


I want to climb a tree as I once did all the way to the top

I want to dance all night long with my girl at the sock hop

I want to run fast as I could years gone bye

I want to fly like a bird and soar through the sky

I want to climb the stairs two steps at a time

I want to retain memories within my empty mind

I want to walk as far as I can without any fear

I want to work 40 hours a week even if just for one year

I want to be who I was before this damned painful illness

I want to hike for miles and miles in the open wilderness

I want to do things that so many can do and take for granted

I want to stop feeling ive been cheated and that ive been slanted

I want to know am I being nothing but shallow and selfish

I want to think my thoughts are nothing more than a simple wish

I want to make love with my girl as i did for hours on end

I want to climb a mountain and hear my echo ascend

I want to see with both eyes as sharp as I once did

I want to have endless energy I had as that spirited kid

I want to know am I wrong in my wants am I being greedy

I want to hear from those who dont suffer and are not as needy

I want to be whole again and not worry or be so damn scared

I want to have my life back it just doenst seem right or fair

I want to spend one day one hour one minute without any pain

I want to sing and dance in a down pouring of warm rain

I want to feel healty strong secure and full of fire

I want to think I am not being selfish in my wants and desires

I want to be Frank Williams, the person I once loved and knew

I want to tell my friends who also suffer not to be sad or blue

I want to enjoy life as I use to a life I loved so true

I want to tell my friends to know that by me they are loved too

~Frank Williams





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