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CCSVI Patient Panel Show



Judi Lecoq


Please, join us Tuesday April 2nd, 2013 at 5pm EST  

 Multiple Sclerosis Radio’s Director, Judi Lecoq Interviews seven individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis and have undergone the CCSVI -Liberation Procedure.   Teri Jaklin, Michelle Walsh, Kim Clark, Linda Thacker, Susan Keller, Christopher Alkenbrack and Kerri Hunter Wilson share their individual journeys. 

MSstation™ Radio invites you to join an in-depth and intimate discussion, about the lives of seven individuals before and after Multiple Sclerosis and their experiences after their Liberation Procedures.  Should the Procedure be as controversial, as it has become?  Are the success stories real?   

Teri Jaklin

 Teri Jaklin

Teri is a practicing Naturopathic Doctor and founder of the Waterdown Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine.  She had the CCSVI procedure done in Costa Rica in October of 2010. 

She strongly believes that knowledge of the processes of health and dis-ease is not proprietary and empowers individuals and organizations with programs that make a palpable difference in how we engage and perform in our lives.

Achieving and maintaining good health can be both complex and dynamic and can be profoundly impacted by some very simple choices. Teri believes that wherever you are on the continuum of health,  there is a way to chose a path to improve your overall sense of wellbeing! 







Michelle Walsh

Michelle Walsh

Michelle is a 39 year old mother of 3 to William 6yrs, Mackenzie 4 yrs and James 3 months old.  She lives on a mixed farm in SW Saskatchewan with her husband Chris.  She was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis [RRMS], then transitioned to Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. She had the CCSVI procedure done three times, in Bulgaria and Newport Beach, CA.

She used to be a Flight Attendant and fly all over the world until her MS got worse.

Michelle is an Advocate for CCSVI in Saskatchewan and Canada and was just presented with Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for her advocating for CCSVI and volunteering to help MS patients from her Member of Parliament.

She is currently the Patient Advocate for the Saskatchewan CCSVI Trials going on in Albany, NY.

Michelle Walsh is also a Blogger for MS Village Canada –

You may follow Michelle Walsh on Twitter  @exflygal 




Kim Clark

Kim Clark 

Kim was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis [PPMS] in 1997.  She tried betaseron and Copaxone with no benefit and nasty side effects. She had the Liberation Procedure done in Costa Rica in 2010. 






Linda Thacker


Linda Thacker CCSVI 032913

Linda Thacker is Founder and Executive Director of Mission Accessible, Inc. (, a non-profit 501-c-3 corporation dedicated to helping establish, promote and expand a network of accessible mission fields worldwide to facilitate ministry to and through people and families affected by disability. 

Linda was diagnosed with RRMS in 1995. She was tested and treated for CCSVI in Dallas in March 2011. Her second procedure was done at Synergy Health in November of the same year. Though she did experience promising results (her CCSVI Before/After video is on YouTube). She recently had a major MS relapse in January 2013 including hospital stay/Physical Rehab. Nevertheless she still believes that treatment for CCSVI holds hope for MS patients worldwide.  





Susan Keller

Susan Keller

Susan was diagnosed eight years ago this coming May.  She was originally diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis [RRMS] and it later progressed to Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis [SPMS]. Susan had Venoplasty three years ago.







Christopher Alkenbrack

 Christopher Alkenbrack

Christopher was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting MS in 1992. He was in Graduate School at the time doing a Master’s in Linguistics at the Universite de Montreal. 

He continued his teaching career, and become Vice Principal in a Secondary School by 1998. In 2001 his MS reactivated in full force and he was diagnosed secondary progressive by 2003-2004. He took early ‘retirement’ at the age of 36 from his job as Principal in an Elementary School. 

After unsuccessful attempts using Copaxone and Rebif for a number of years, by 2009 Christopher’s neurologist gave one last attempt with Mitoxantrone, a chemotherapy drug, to halt the progression of his MS. 

In 2009, Christopher heard of a possible new treatment for MS by vein dilation (CCSVI). He was diagnosed with CCSVI in Canada, and sought treatment overseas in Poland in May of 2010. He was the 2nd Nova Scotian to leave the province for what was to become a life-changing few years. Upon returning from Poland, he was interviewed by CTV

He has advocated for CCSVI treatment in Canada. He is also on the Board as a Volunteer Director for the National CCSVI Society, one of Canada’s newest recognized charities.




Kerri Hunter Wilson

 Kerri Hunter Wilson

Kerri lives in Hamiota Manitoba.  She was diagnosed in 1994.  Her Mother also had MS ( as does her sister). She did 10 years of Copaxone and two of Tysabri. After Tysabri her body just started to decline quickly…

“I wished for a miracle! A friend approached me and we started fundraising for the procedure, in October.  On November 29th, 2012 I had the CCSVI Liberation Procedure.”

Kerri’s Hunter Wilson -CCSVI (Veins Inflamed) before CCSVI Procedure

What is CCSVI?

CCSVI (or chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency) is a term identified in 1998 by the Italian physician Doctor Paulo Zamboni to describe a condition where the blood flow in the veins leaving the central nervous system (CNS) is limited by the narrowing or thickening of the veins in the neck, chest and spine.

Researchers believe that to compensate for the reduced blood flow from the CNS the body uses different veins (called collateral vessels) to drain the blood from the CNS, back to the heart. It is thought that blood breaches the walls of these vessels, leaving iron deposits in the surrounding tissue.

Dr Zamboni, a phlebotomist, detected a link between CCSVI and Multiple Sclerosis, linking the presence of iron deposits in most MS sufferers’ brains with the deposits created by CCSVI. The presence of CCSVI is now considered to be an early indicator of Multiple Sclerosis. Read More: 

“Candidate for CCSVI?

To qualify as a patient for CCSVI treatment at Angeles Health, you should have:

  • Present a diagnosis of MS – a letter from a treating neurologist or other existing documentation from the time of the diagnosis.

  • Provide results from recent (< 30 days) Doppler sonogram and MRI. These tests can be taken at Hospital Angeles Tijuana when you arrive if needed.

  • Have a minimum of  50% blockage*

*If the blockage detected is less than 50%, the Angeles Medical team will review the blockage in combination with the percentage flow, reflux, and flow disturbance to determine eligibility.

MRV & Doppler Sonogram can be performed at Hospital Angeles Tijuana upon arrival.”  Read More:




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