CCSVI as the Cause of Multiple Sclerosis

CCSVI as the Cause of  Multiple Sclerosis




Paolo Zamboni MD published his first paper describing the theory that MS may be a type of venous insufficiency in 2006.  Since that time,  he has published numerous other groundbreaking studies that have further elucidated the idea.


But Dr Zamboni isn’t the first MS researcher to notice problems with veins in MS; the fact  that enlarged veins are in the center of MS lesions was noted as early as the 1860’s and is well known today.  But what do these widened veins tell us about MS?

This book follows this journey of discovery and highlights related MS research that supports the theory.  Referencing over 250 research papers published in the field of MS, it tells the MS story from a venous perspective.For interested patients it also includes a detailed section on how these venous issues could be treated –the so called “liberation therapy” or procedure–highlighting concerns that patients should discuss with their personal physician if they should seek treatment.


There are also 12 patient stories including several who were treated at Stanford in 2009 as well as the story of one of the patients treated by Dr Zamboni in 2006. Reviewed by the leading researchers in this field including Dr Zamboni with a foreword by E. Mark Haacke PhD, this book is a must have for people wanting to understand this model.


Note: Marie Rhodes is an RN and patient/advocate for MS who is active in the online community. 10% of author proceeds goes to CCSVI Alliance, a 501(3)(c) charity for CCSVI research where she is a volunteer patient board member.






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