Niecey Williams What meds are YOU privy to?! It's just that he doesn't look affected AT ALL since being diagnosed years ago.

Diana Marie I would let him know that he has been my MS role model. I've started my own personal training business specializing in helping MS' ERS. I believe staying physically fit is essential and eating well a must. I just love this guy and even though he looks like he's fine just like many of us...he still deals with managing his symptoms as best he can.

Lori Thorne: Why did you stop your 'Faces of MS' campaign?

Judi Lecoq: Have you considered Stem cells in your treatment regimen?

Versil Peruza What procedure you did, was most successful for you in your quest to conquer your MS? And which was the least successful?

Elyse Bregman Was the very controversial "liberation procedure" that he had done for his so called "CCSVI" successful and did it make you make you feel any better?

Zenda Trim: My MS started the same as Montels, exactly. I too think it was to do with all the vaccinations I endured stuck with forces going to Africa etc with parents. It took 19 years I believe for his diagnosis which was like me lol. He went blind in one eye me too, one of my worse symptoms was pain in my eye arrrgggghhhhh...and ON.

I love Montel and I know he must be struggling but like a lot of us, he just gets on with it. What else can you do? I just spent several days in hospital with something else to contend with, now been diagnosed with Transient Epileptic Amnesia, its flipping scaring, and i wonder which is worse in some respects. At least LOL, whilst i am in an amnesic state I dont remember my MS symptoms what a hoot.

Carla Shepard Sims: In your book, "A Dozen Ways To Sunday", you talk about a clock being on your rear, referring to you being acutely aware of everything now havng an unpredictable time limit due to MS. What are some of your body's cues that tell you when you need to either stop, shift or slow down doing something or, perhaps, sense you can continue?