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Dedicated to Spreading Multiple Sclerosis Awareness, Showcasing Abilities and Creating Opportunities Nationwide!


Our Vision is to Create the Ultimate One Stop Shop Multimedia Platform, for Research, Creativity, Resources, Travel and Careers for People Affected Directly and Indirectly by Multiple Sclerosis, DiffAbilities (Different Abilities) and Other Chronic Illnesses.


Dr. Terry Wahls
Dr. Terry Wahls
Dr. Michael Arata
Dr. Brooke Ellison
Author Lauren B. Grossman
Wellness Coach Edie Summers
Rae Edwards, OWNER & CEO
Tracie Norman, President
Tracie Norman, PRESIDENT

Dr. Wahls Advisory Board

Dr. Terry Wahls

Dr. Terry Wahls is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa and a staff physician at the Iowa City Veterans Affairs Hospital, where she teaches medical students and resident physicians, sees patients in traumatic brain injury and therapeutic lifestyle clinics with complex chronic health problems that often include multiple autoimmune disorders, and conducts clinical trials. TerryWahls.com

Dr. Wahls is also a patient with a chronic progressive neurological disorder, secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, which confined her to a tilt-recline wheelchair for four years. But thanks to the power of the Wahls Protocol™, which is based on Functional Medicine and the Wahls Paleo™ diet, Dr. Wahls restored her health and now pedals her bike five miles to work each day.



Dr. Michael Arata

Dr. Arata is an accomplished physician internationally respected for his work in venous disease. His experience in treating chronic venous obstruction spans over more than a decade. He is the most experienced physician in the United States at jugular angioplasty having performed over 2500 jugular ballooning procedures. This experience has resulted in medical journal publications and presentations across the globe.  autonomicspecialists.com



Dr. Brooke Ellison

Now Brooke Ellison is the newly-appointed Director of Education and Ethics at the Stony Brook University Stem Cell Research Facility Center. Dr. Ellison has been immersed in the stem cell field for over 15 years, viewing this from legislative, ethical, and social standpoints. Completing her PhD in 2012 from Stony Brook University, Dr. Ellison wrote a dissertation entitled,” Lifelines: Stem Cell Research in a Globalized World”, which investigated the development of stem cell research policy in the US, UK, Germany, and China. In addition to serving as Director of Education and Ethics, Dr. Ellison is currently an Assistant Professor in Stony Brook University’s PhD program in Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences, and Masters Program in Healthcare Policy and Management. Her areas of academic interest include Medical Ethics, Health Policy, and Stem Cell Research.

Tracie Norman, President
Tracie Norman, President

Tracie Norman, President

I am 39 yrs old, mother of two awesome boys, 12 & 16. I have a Master's in Psychology and Bachelor's in Occupational Therapy. I worked with children during their elementary school years in behavioral health for 13 years. I now own my own company with the love of my life, coordinating Heath & Wellness Fairs for big corporations, going on 4 years now. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis March 8, 2010. Everything started to make sense, with all the weird symptoms I had been having since 1998.


Rae Edwards

Rae Edwards, Founder/CEO

Rae Edwards is the Founder, CEO and Executive Producer of MSstation™ Inc. This may be a long title, but the list of life changing products, services, and resources that she brings to the Multiple Sclerosis community is immeasurable.

Her brainchild began with MultipleSclerosisRadio, an internet radio show designed for people affected by MS. This MS advocate and pioneer quickly recognized that the diversity of the MS population required access and information via various methods and outlets.

Just as MS is different for each person, so are the preferred forums, devices and mediums of all who want, moreover need, to increase their exposure to and participation in the international MS community. With this newfound vision, Rae set out to broaden her message of empowerment and expand her accessible forums. MSstation™ Inc., a not-for-profit entity, was born.

Today this selfless woman delivers her message of awareness, encouragement and support, to an international MS population, via a myriad of tools and methods.


¨When asked what motivates her to create this robust resource for the MS population, Rae returns to her unwavering mission which is to provide - Interactive Sites that include Radio, Videos, Blogs, Book Clubs, Poetry Groups, and Internet Shopping, while remaining sensitive to the challenges people affected directly and indirectly by life with Multiple Sclerosis.

Whether a person experiences visual/speech impairments, limited attention spans, impaired cognition, dexterity issues, or are homebound, MSstation™, Inc. has a product or service that will suit their needs. It's a valuable resource for caregivers, friends, family and employers as well.

As Rae collaborates with the greater MS community for regional and local events, she recognizes the large audience that her organization reaches, and therefore the vast fundraising and community outreach potential that exists.

In her goal to reach, teach and spread the word about MS, she in turn can and will undoubtedly benefit from the benevolence of others and increase philanthropy for the MS community, for no matter how great the resources she's developed, she shares the goal and will continue to work diligently, until WE find a cure!

~Author Tracy A. Todd


Multiple Sclerosis Radio - MSstation was Founded September 2010, one month after the Founder Rae Edwards was diagnosed with Multiple
Sclerosis (MS) herself.

This Organization was created with the intention to simply learn more about MS via online radio. Guests consists of Experts, Clinicians, Authors and people diagnosed with MS.

Individuals living with MS experience difficulty with independent researching. Those inflicted may become frustrated or struggle when researching due to Multiple Sclerosis symptoms affecting vision, cognition, focus and attention. In the process, a person researching Multiple Sclerosis online often experience overwhelming anxiety, fear and little support.

Multiple Sclerosis Radio, is sensitive to these DiffAbilities (Different Abilities); as the Founder, Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteers are also living with Multiple Sclerosis, (Disabilities and/or other Chronic Illnesses). The Websites consist of large print, audio and visual, top resources, and even an option to call in to speak with the guests (Experts, Clinicians and people living with Multiple Sclerosis) LIVE On Air, during productions.

Since the launching of Multiple Sclerosis Radio in 2010, the demand for the Resources from this one stop shop platform, for people affected directly and indirectly with Multiple Sclerosis (family, friends, Clinicians, Drug Companies, Alternative Medicine, Wellness Coaches, Spiritual Leaders and Authors) increased considerably. We benefit our target audience significantly with the resources and exposure our platform offers.

Since 2010, we have expanded far beyond Multiple Sclerosis Radio. Our Online Radio Station became a grand Nonprofit Organization (pending 501(c)3 Status) rebranded - MSstation Radio/TV and Travel'.

Our Audio and Visual Platform now consist of Wellness, Spiritual, Book Club and Multiple Sclerosis Radio/TV. MSstation Research and Blog were added to maintain the option for online Research. Multiple resources are listed and detailed articles are submitted by the top well known clinicians on MSstation's Advisory Board. Our Bloggers are well known in the MS Community. Each individual visiting the site also has the option to add their blog's and/or blog links to the MSstation Blog website.

In 2016, MSstation launches MSstaton Travel. Our first Travel event is our MS Awareness Abroad Cruise (Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month March 2016)!

This Cruise encompasses our Mission "Dedicated to Spreading Multiple Sclerosis Awareness, Showcasing Abilities and Creating Opportunities for People Living with Multiple Sclerosis, Disabilities and Other Chronic Illnesses." We book hundreds of people affected directly and indirectly by MS, on a cruise ship of over 3,600 passengers, to raise MS Awareness and Showcase Abilities. Our Medical Experts, Authors, Artists, Advocates and Inspirational Speakers are among the vast array of options we offer to raise awareness. We also have planned activities and Giveaways specific to our population's needs.

This highly anticipated annual event is expected to be one of the greatest Multiple Sclerosis Events of the year!


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