Founded in 2010 by Rae Edwards, President and CEO of Multiple Sclerosis Radio and MSstation. Multiple Sclerosis Radio - MSstation™ is the first Multiple Sclerosis Radio/TV Station. MSstation offers a vast array of multimedia services. Our 9 websites consist of   5 Radio/TV Networks (Multiple Sclerosis Radio, Book Club, Wellness, Spiritual, TV, Research, Store and Blog website for people with Multiple Sclerosis the general population.   We are well known for providing Global Awareness and Support for People Affected Directly and Indirectly by Multiple Sclerosis (disabilities and Other Chronic Illnesses). We have been quite successful in producing up to date research information during our live radio interviews video broadcasts with Clinicians, Experts and people living with Multiple Sclerosis and has notably become a one stop shop platform for multiple sclerosis information and resources.


MSstation™ currently reaches over 50,000 a month nationally, employs 184 people around the United States. Healthline nominated MSstation Best in Show and Website. MSstation was recognized by MS Views and News, Black Health Matters, Health Care Elsewhere, MS Cure News, Shine on MS, My New Normals and over 40 Authors across the US and the UK.



MSstation™ Radio/TV & Travel




Dedicated to Spreading Multiple Sclerosis Awareness, Showcasing Abilities and Creating Opportunities Nationwide!


Our Vision is to Create the Ultimate One Stop Shop Multimedia Platform, for Research, Creativity, Resources, Travel and Careers for People Affected Directly and Indirectly by Multiple Sclerosis, DiffAbilities (Different Abilities) and Other Chronic Illnesses.


Advisory Board

Dr. Terry Wahls -The Wahls Protocol

Dr. Michael Arata -CCSVI Physician

Dr. Brooke Ellison -Stem Cells Research Director and Advocate

Lauren B. Grossman -Author

Edie Summers -Wellness Coach

Executive Board

Rae Edwards

Founder & President/CEO





Dr. Terry Wahls

MSstation™ Research and Advisory Councillor

Dr. Wahls Advisory Board

Dr. Terry Wahls is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa and a staff physician at the Iowa City Veterans Affairs Hospital, where she teaches medical students and resident physicians, sees patients in traumatic brain injury and therapeutic lifestyle clinics with complex chronic health problems that often include multiple autoimmune disorders, and conducts clinical trials.

She is also a patient with a chronic progressive neurological disorder, secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, which confined her to a tilt-recline wheelchair for four years. But thanks to the power of the Wahls Protocol™, which is based on Functional Medicine and the Wahls Paleo™ diet, Dr. Wahls restored her health and now pedals her bike five miles to work each day.



Dr. Brooke Ellison

MSstation™ Research and Advisory Councillor

On Sept. 4th of 1990 Dr. Brooke Ellison was hit by a car while she was on her way home from school. The accident left her paralyzed from the neck down and dependent on a ventilator.

In January of 2002, Brooke and her mother, Jean Ellison, published a book entitled The Brooke Ellison Story, which documents their family’s experiences from the day of Brooke’s accident until their graduation from Harvard in 2000. Their book subsequently was made into a movie, directed by Christopher Reeve, which first aired on A&E on Oct. 25th of 2004. Brooke has continued her education by graduating from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with a Masters degree in Public Policy.

Now Brooke Ellison is the newly-appointed Director of Education and Ethics at the Stony Brook University Stem Cell Research Facility Center. Dr. Ellison has been immersed in the stem cell field for over 15 years, viewing this from legislative, ethical, and social standpoints. Completing her PhD in 2012 from Stony Brook University, Dr. Ellison wrote a dissertation entitled,” Lifelines: Stem Cell Research in a Globalized World”, which investigated the development of stem cell research policy in the US, UK, Germany, and China. In addition to serving as Director of Education and Ethics, Dr. Ellison is currently an Assistant Professor in Stony Brook University’s PhD program in Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences, and Masters Program in Healthcare Policy and Management. Her areas of academic interest include Medical Ethics, Health Policy, and Stem Cell Research.



Dr. Michael Arata

MSstation™ Research and Advisory Councillor

Dr. Arata is an accomplished physician internationally respected for his work in CCSVI. His experience in treating chronic venous obstruction spans over more than a decade. He is the most experienced CCSVI physician in the United States having performed over 1500 procedures. This experience has resulted in medical journal publications and presentations across the globe.

Dr. Arata recognized early on that CCSVI represents autonomic dysfunction. This has lead to a significant evolution in care and establishment of a comprehensive autonomic dysfunction program. He has been outspoken about maintaining the highest levels of safety by defining anatomy first with MRV and prevention of vein blocking complications with the application of blood thinners to all patients being treated for CCSVI. He also pioneered efforts to improve patient selection by establishing ANS testing as a prerequisite and laboratory testing of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA). He was the first to incorporate structural therapies such as NUCCA and correction of bruxism into the treatment algorithm. He also is the first to describe the mechanism of TVAM as it relates to treating CCSVI. Ultimately resulting in procedural modification with the goal of enhanced outcomes.

A graduate of UCSF School of Medicine, Dr. Arata completed his four year residency at Duke University Medical Center. After completing an Interventional Radiology fellowship at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Arata became Board Certified with a certificate of added qualification in Interventional Radiology. Dr. Arata is also certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. He has been caring for patients with CCSVI for 3 years and developed the first endovascular autonomic treatment center, located in Newport Beach, CA.



Author Lauren B. Grossman

MSstation™ Advisory Councillor

Author and Blogger Lauren B. Grossman resides in Southern Arizona with her husband, two children, two dogs, and a desert tortoise. She earned a degree in theatre and has performed in, designed sets for, directed, and produced numerous productions. Lauren co-created and co-published a performing arts newspaper in Massachusetts and northern Connecticut. That newspaper segued into a radio-talk show. Her debut novel “Once in Every Generation” has become a global success and she is hard at work on her second novel. She has also earned awards for her short stories. Lauren was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis in 1993.





Wellness Coach Edie Summers

MSstation™ Advisory Councillor

Wellness Coach, Author & Radio Host Edie Summers has been a wellness professional since 1995. Her areas of expertise include lifestyle medicine and mind-body health. She has training in herbs, homeopathy, energy medicine, superfoods, HABA care, life & wellness coaching, corporate health, and wellness counseling & consultation. She is the host of The Wellness Coach on BlogTalkRadio, and interviews people in the arenas of health, well-being, coaching, lifestyle medicine, psychology, spirituality, the fine arts, and sustainability. She is the author of Frozen Light, Self-Coach Your Way to More Energy, and The Memory of Health. She is an executive for SmashonClub, a certified Wellcoach, corporate wellness consultant, and yoga instructor. She has a B.A. in English Literature, and is pursuing her Master's in Counseling. Contact Info:








Rae Edwards

Founder & President/CEO

Rae Edwards is the Founder, CEO and Executive Producer of MSstation™ Inc. This may be a long title, but the list of life changing products, services, and resources that she brings to the Multiple Sclerosis community is immeasurable.

Her brainchild began with MultipleSclerosisRadio, an internet radio show designed for people affected by MS. This MS advocate and pioneer quickly recognized that the diversity of the MS population required access and information via various methods and outlets.

Just as MS is different for each person, so are the preferred forums, devices and mediums of all who want, moreover need, to increase their exposure to and participation in the international MS community. With this newfound vision, Rae set out to broaden her message of empowerment and expand her accessible forums. MSstation™ Inc., a not-for-profit entity, was born.

Today this selfless woman delivers her message of awareness, encouragement and support, to an international MS population, via a myriad of tools and methods.

If a person with MS wants to shop for products that my help them with an ms symptom, such as a brace for drop foot or if a doctor wants to support the MS artists who continue to create in spite of MS, they could visit (Relaunch 2014) However, if your pocket books and wallets can't afford a shopping spree, you can still benefit from a wealth of information presented on For those who prefer to view educational material Ms. Edwards created and bloggers benefit from the online blogging forum. Book lovers have a home at and of course, the original ideas behind it all, continues to broadcast informative programming for all to hear.

*New MSstation Wellness and MSstation Spiritual

¨When asked what motivates her to create this robust resource for the MS population, Rae returns to her unwavering mission which is to provide - Interactive Sites that include Radio, Videos, Blogs, Book Clubs, Poetry Groups, and Internet Shopping, while remaining sensitive to the challenges people affected directly and indirectly by life with Multiple Sclerosis.

Whether a person experiences visual/speech impairments, limited attention spans, impaired cognition, dexterity issues, or are homebound, MSstation™, Inc. has a product or service that will suit their needs. It's a valuable resource for caregivers, friends, family and employers as well.

As Rae collaborates with the greater MS community for regional and local events, she recognizes the large audience that her organization reaches, and therefore the vast fundraising and community outreach potential that exists.

In her goal to reach, teach and spread the word about MS, she in turn can and will undoubtedly benefit from the benevolence of others and increase philanthropy for the MS community, for no matter how great the resources she's developed, she shares the goal and will continue to work diligently, until WE find a cure!

~Author Tracy A. Todd











Why did I create the 1st Multiple Sclerosis Radio Station?

My "WHY" Story

I once read when pursuing your Passion you should have a "WHY STORY". Ask ourselves "Why are we doing what we do?" Here is my WHY -my reason for creating the 1st Multiple Sclerosis Radio Station MSstation™...

Prior to my Official Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis I was denied Disability... twice. I lost everything and ended up in a "Facility for the Medically Frail" (Susan's Place) Susan's Place was newly renovated. It was an extremely clean, well maintained, hospital-like environment. Medications were administered, Medical, Dental and Psychiatric Offices were onsite. There was a hair salon, clothing stores, recreation, study and computer room, Group Therapy and Yoga Classes. There was no need for anyone to leave the building. I met many, many individuals with Chronic Illnesses, especially Multiple Sclerosis, at Susan's Place. Like myself, some were still waiting to be approved for Disability.

Although, the atmosphere was made for us to be as comfortable as possible. I still felt like I was having a bad dream, and couldn't wake up. I was thrown into the fire, of my worst Multiple Sclerosis fears, too soon. Many individuals were falling, shaking and slurring their speech. One female became legally blind, due to Multiple Sclerosis. One female recently found out her paralysis may be permanent. She was only 26. I was also 26, when I awoke with the most excruciating back pain and within 10 minutes, I became paralyzed, from the waist down. But, it were only for 1 month. I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, "possible MS" if it happens again.

While at Susan's Place, I realized everyone has a Story... a life, before Multiple Sclerosis. I then decided EVERYONE'S story MUST be shared and their ABILITIES SHOWCASED. The idea for Multiple Sclerosis Radio - MSstation™ was born. Unfortunately, I also believed I was unable to make it happen. My phone had been recently disconnected (ruling out online radio) and my world seemed to be falling apart. Pursuing a dream seemed so far fetched and almost impossible, at the time.

Rae Edwards NMSS VideoI then learned the National Multiple Sclerosis Society ( or offers Financial Assistance, to individuals with a critical financial need (utility bills, medical equipment, air conditioner, etc.). I may qualify, but I also needed a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I was living with the diagnosis of "Possible Multiple Sclerosis", for almost ten years. Despite years of unexplained symptoms, innumerable Psychiatric referrals (from Doctors that refused to believe me) and being denied disability... there was still a comfort in living with the "possible MS" diagnosis. But, it was time to accept the fact that this glimmer of hope, may so end.

I eventually desired the ultimate diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. It would not only answer many questions, it would guarantee Financial Assistance from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS).

I experienced my FIRST DOCUMENTED MS exacerbation (total right side numbness with partial paralysis), the DAY AFTER my diagnosis and the day before my birthday.

I became extremely depressed. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society not only helped me out of my financial crisis, offered free 1:1 Psychotherapy, a Position in the NMSS Marketing Department - Major Gifts, they also convinced me to go home to my Mother and accept her care. I sincerely believe the Society saved my life.

It was then I decided to dedicate myself to raising funds for National Multiple Sclerosis Society and shine a spotlight on individuals affected directly and indirectly by Multiple Sclerosis, DiffAbilities and other Chronic Illnesses.

Each of us has a Story... A LIFE before Multiple Sclerosis and I am determined to Showcase as many stories, talents and abilities... while we can still share them with the World.

Please, Stay Tuned...

-Rae Edwards

Founder/CEO/Executive Producer of
MSstation™ Inc.
Est. Sept. 29th, 2010
Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis August 2010


Founder of Multiple Sclerosis Radio - MSstation







The MSstation™ Mission -

"Provide Global Awareness and Support for People Affected Directly and Indirectly by Multiple Sclerosis (Diff.Abilities and Other Chronic Illnesses)."



MSstation™ Inc.

The 1st Multiple Sclerosis Radio Station Est. Sept. 29th, 2010

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