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Our Vision is to Create the Ultimate One Stop Shop Multimedia Platform, for Research, Creativity, Resources, Travel and Careers for People Affected Directly and Indirectly by Multiple Sclerosis, DiffAbilities (Different Abilities) and Other Chronic Illnesses.


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Rae Edwards

Founder & President/CEO









Why did I create the 1st Multiple Sclerosis Radio Station?

My "WHY" Story

I once read when pursuing your Passion you should have a "WHY STORY". Ask ourselves "Why are we doing what we do?" Here is my WHY -my reason for creating the 1st Multiple Sclerosis Radio Station MSstation™...

Prior to my Official Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis I was denied Disability... twice. I lost everything and ended up in a "Facility for the Medically Frail" (Susan's Place) Susan's Place was newly renovated. It was an extremely clean, well maintained, hospital-like environment. Medications were administered, Medical, Dental and Psychiatric Offices were onsite. There was a hair salon, clothing stores, recreation, study and computer room, Group Therapy and Yoga Classes. There was no need for anyone to leave the building. I met many, many individuals with Chronic Illnesses, especially Multiple Sclerosis, at Susan's Place. Like myself, some were still waiting to be approved for Disability.

Although, the atmosphere was made for us to be as comfortable as possible. I still felt like I was having a bad dream, and couldn't wake up. I was thrown into the fire, of my worst Multiple Sclerosis fears, too soon. Many individuals were falling, shaking and slurring their speech. One female became legally blind, due to Multiple Sclerosis. One female recently found out her paralysis may be permanent. She was only 26. I was also 26, when I awoke with the most excruciating back pain and within 10 minutes, I became paralyzed, from the waist down. But, it were only for 1 month. I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, "possible MS" if it happens again.

While at Susan's Place, I realized everyone has a Story... a life, before Multiple Sclerosis. I then decided EVERYONE'S story MUST be shared and their ABILITIES SHOWCASED. The idea for Multiple Sclerosis Radio - MSstation™ was born. Unfortunately, I also believed I was unable to make it happen. My phone had been recently disconnected (ruling out online radio) and my world seemed to be falling apart. Pursuing a dream seemed so far fetched and almost impossible, at the time.

Rae Edwards NMSS VideoI then learned the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NationalMSSociety.org or NMSS.org) offers Financial Assistance, to individuals with a critical financial need (utility bills, medical equipment, air conditioner, etc.). I may qualify, but I also needed a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I was living with the diagnosis of "Possible Multiple Sclerosis", for almost ten years. Despite years of unexplained symptoms, innumerable Psychiatric referrals (from Doctors that refused to believe me) and being denied disability... there was still a comfort in living with the "possible MS" diagnosis. But, it was time to accept the fact that this glimmer of hope, may so end.

I eventually desired the ultimate diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. It would not only answer many questions, it would guarantee Financial Assistance from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS).

I experienced my FIRST DOCUMENTED MS exacerbation (total right side numbness with partial paralysis), the DAY AFTER my diagnosis and the day before my birthday.

I became extremely depressed. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society not only helped me out of my financial crisis, offered free 1:1 Psychotherapy, a Position in the NMSS Marketing Department - Major Gifts, they also convinced me to go home to my Mother and accept her care. I sincerely believe the Society saved my life.

It was then I decided to dedicate myself to raising funds for National Multiple Sclerosis Society and shine a spotlight on individuals affected directly and indirectly by Multiple Sclerosis, DiffAbilities and other Chronic Illnesses.

Each of us has a Story... A LIFE before Multiple Sclerosis and I am determined to Showcase as many stories, talents and abilities... while we can still share them with the World.

Please, Stay Tuned...

-Rae Edwards

Founder/CEO/Executive Producer of
MSstation™ Inc.
Est. Sept. 29th, 2010
Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis August 2010


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"Provide Global Awareness and Support for People Affected Directly and Indirectly by Multiple Sclerosis (Diff.Abilities and Other Chronic Illnesses)."



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