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DreaMS My Journey with Multiple Sclerosis

DreaMS Available through a FREE DOWNLOAD at “DreaMS” is the story of Kristie Salerno Kent, who faced the challenges of multiple sclerosis (MS) and went on to become a national advocate for people living with MS and their partners, as well as building a successful career as a singer-songwriter. This is the intimate story […]

Montel Williams

Maintaining Cognitive and Emotional Health While Unemployed

What Causes Walking Problems with Multiple Sclerosis?

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“I am not committing suicide”

An Explanatory Statement from Victorious Endeavours on Vimeo.   “I am not committing suicide”: Leading academic’s final blog entry before ending her life 13 Jan 2014 19:55 Former Arts Council chief Frances Medley left a blog entry before ending her life with banned drugs from China after suffering from multiple sclerosis A leading academic left […]

Jack Osbourne

Who to Tell & How to Say it

MS & Depression -National MS Society Widgets

World MS Day (3 Hour Special)