Multiple Sclerosis, an Enigma




This is not your typical “I have MS but MS doesn’t have me” story; I found it difficult to celebrate the modern treatments for this diagnosis. I’ll leave it to you to decide how you might have chosen if faced with the same.

The true story of a middle-aged woman being unexpectedly diagnosed with a young person’s disease: multiple sclerosis. The journey to diagnosis and the reality of the treatment brought a premature end to her career as a public school teacher. Life in “the sandwich generation” of adults caring for both their elder parents and their children, while balancing full time employment, is discussed with gentle empathy. The difficult economics and the changes in family responsibilities are also a part of this story. The consistent, caring support of family and friends and a mutual respect between patient and doctors is essential in living with a chronic condition such as Multiple Sclerosis.





The middle child of nine children born during the baby boom, I’m now a mother of two grown children. I have two teen-aged grandchildren, countless nieces and nephews, grand-nieces and -nephews, and dozens of cousins. But in this very large family, I alone carry the label of a PWMS – Person with Multiple Sclerosis. That belated diagnosis brought inevitable change and challenge, and offers many scenarios deserving of its own story.

Interview with Author Terry Crawford Palardy


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“Multiple Sclerosis an Enigma”

by Author Terry Crawford Palardy
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by Terry Crawford Palardy


1) “A Must Read for MS patients, families and friends…

Wow, this was an amazing book…
At this moment, I’m sitting here stunned.
Stunned because I’ve finally received answers I’ve needed for the longest time.
Stunned because I’ve connected to another soul with many of the strange, uncommon symptoms I’ve experienced, some since childhood.
Stunned because I no longer feel alone with the monster known as MS…

This lady’s story could be mine, or one of many others. She has successfully put into words, the things we wish we could say about the struggles associated with MS, but oftentimes, cannot express through mere words.

Mrs. Palardy has written an honest, painful, at times heartbreaking account of her journey through life, MS, and the assortment of medical testing and treatments. She has faced the issues in her life head on with courage, strength and personal fortitude. Terry is by no means a victim, but a slayer of this dragon. Her husband, a true knight in shining armor, stands strong by her side, supporting her, facing everything this ugly disease can throw at them.

This is an honest, important, inspiring, empowering book, which will help any one with MS, and will bring knowledge and a deeper understanding to the loved ones and friends of those with the disease.

Thank you Terry for this gift you have given. Your story and courage has made a difference in my life.  ~Terry M. Price


2)  “I recommend all read Terry’s story!

As you dive into this book, you find yourself walking right beside her on her journey to discovering a diagnosis. You also discover how she comes to her own conclusion on how to deal with it.”  ~Faye Manos Quinn


3)    “…is our April Book!!!!   Yeah!!

I am reading it  [Multiple Sclerosis an Enigma by Terry Crawford Palardy] again and will whole heartedly enjoy this love story. This is definitely a story about family values, struggles and how love be it to your parents, sisters & brothers or your soul mate definitely conquers all!! I am sure everyone will enjoy it and like me cry and laugh with the Palardy’s Clan.”  ~Liset Angela Garcia


4)  renews our appreciation for the written word.


As avid readers know, the quality of books in the literary landscape has changed, but Multiple Sclerosis, an Enigma by Author Terry Crawford Palardy renews our appreciation for the written word.  Author Palardy skillfully composed a well-written book and conveyed a story of compassion and resilience for her respected readers.


As a former teacher herself, Author Palardy did not ask the reader to overlook typos, or disregard poor sentence structure. Instead, the book is a well-formatted, fluid glimpse into the sometimes challenging, always endearing family she so eloquently introduces to us.We learn who the self-described author and her family are, not by what she says, but by what they do.

She doesn’t tell us within quotes, that she and her spouse love their parents instead she tells us that they visited them daily, sacrificed their own finances, yet continue to smile when visited by a memory of their now dearly departed parents. Her wonderful husband doesn’t spout I love you’s either, rather the author tells us that he carries her purse without hesitation. In addition, she doesn’t ‘tell’ us that she’s a dedicated teacher, but she tells the willful doctor that she’s happy to see him…anytime outside of school hours. We experience the compassion and commitment that exists within this family from the deeds so proficiently, yet humbly described.

Yes, there is talk of doctors, diseases, diets and medications, but it’s framed so very well in a magnificent family photo.Multiple Sclerosis, an Enigma, is a story of unconditional love shared over decades between generations of two families joined by a marriage strengthened from reverence to their marital vows.It’s a worthy investment for the serious reader who will immediately share this title when asked, “Have you read any good books lately?”

Pick up your copy today so you can be that reader with that response!

~Tracy A. Todd

5)  *****  A love story in comparison to no other….,

April 8, 2012

“This review is from: Multiple Sclerosis, an Enigma: Finding a diagnosis but not a cure (Paperback)
This book took me so many places. It reminded me when a family was not just man and wife but ALL of them family as I was raised and is so forgotten in today’s day and age. We live in a time and space where inconvenience is swept under the rug and when there is too much clutter under the rug heck throw out the rug and get a new one. This love story is real commitment to parents, brothers and sisters, children and how the Palardy’s lived their lives; putting themselves last but each other before the other.

As I was reading the story and I could feel Terry’s frustration I have known it so many times during the terrible years of diagnosis then follow ups and appointments, relentless arguing with Insurance companies and then finding out not to be covered for a particular treatment or medication. There is a moment in the book when the author is going through all of this and she hands the phone to her husband Rick and he takes over from there and you just think; he most definitely is her knight in shining armor.

I would highly recommend this book to any one facing possible MS diagnosis or a family member or caretaker. It is also a great guide, spiritual awakening and support for those facing tough decisions about elderly care and real hard questions and answers to different care options that this family has to go through with both sets of parents.

Overall and more so than any of the things I mentioned above it is a love story. It is a story of commitment made between two people when they were young, vibrant and full of life to their resolve to any obstacle that crossed their path and they triumphed over. Not a triumph of a finish line but a resolute triumph of life, real life not the white picket fence with sugarplum cookies but the real life and burdens that we tackle everyday some try to sweep that “real life” under the bed, others turn around and sprint the other way, others like Terry and Rick sing a melody that only two heart as synched as theirs could dance to; it is in my opinion a true love story.”

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