“Life Continues”


“Life Continues”

By Carmen Ambrosio

Facing the Challenges of MS, Menopause & Midlife with Hope, Courage & Humor

A moving, witty memoir chronicling the nearly 20 years since Carmen Ambrosio, a native of the Virgin Islands who moved to the frozen tundra of the Midwest to attend college, learned she had multiple sclerosis. In a format mimicking the unpredictable course of MS, the now middle-aged and married Ambrosio’s narrative of compelling and humorous personal essays and poems recounts how she deals with the arrival of “Duct Tape Days,” walking like Frankenstein, recent menopausal moments, and other physical and emotional challenges

About the Author

Carmen Ambrosio is a middle-aged,Virgin Island woman who relies on funny moments, family, friendships, Bod Mail™, focusing on can-dos, and not dwelling on cannots to cope with having multiple sclerosis.  She was diagnosed in 1991.

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Message from Author Carmen Ambrosio

“Thanks to you, Rae, I’m finally connecting with the people I intended to reach with my book. I am grateful to you for creating the extraordinary awareness, outreach and scaffolding platform of MSstation. Hugs and curtsies!
May the momentum continue!” ~Carmen Ambrosio



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